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LH on TV: BBC – ‘Harlots, Housewives and Heroines: a 17th Century History for Girls’

Good TV history. and an interesting topic too – well done to Lucy Worsley for getting a history of women on to the TV. Along with last year’s series on servants, we seem to be seeing a bit of a departure from endless kings and battles shows. The first episode on royal mistresses was suitably scandalous, but I enjoyed the second one, on housewives (amongst other things) rather more, because there was more Legal History content. We had witchcraft, scolds and marriage law. Could do without the dressing up,  but at least it doesn’t have endless shots of our plucky historian ‘on a journey’  going around in a car. So far, something of a bias towards the upper echelons – perhaps understandable in somebody who works for Historic Royal Palaces – and knows how beautifully telegenic some of those properties are – but perhaps that will be addressed somewhat in the last episode.

Criminalization of abortion

I am just reviewing W.P. Muller, The Criminalization of Abortion in Mthe West: its origins in medieval law (2012). A fascinating and deeply learned book which, in the often uninspiring REF-skewed world of British academia, is a much needed reminder that there is a point in academic research.

Legal History film-makers?

Attention all legal history students. Want to win some money and have something impressive for your c.v.? Check out this competition. …

Obviously you could make a film about anything, but it would be great to see a Legal History themed winner.