Poetic Injustice

Fair warning – this is not research! (And mostly not Legal History). It’s a bit of cathartic  self-expression for those days when the world seems particularly oppressive.  I have always found the limerick the best ranting form, so expect limericks.

Today’s masterpiece was inspired by the ‘easement’ (don’t get me started) of various lockdown restrictions now that … things are not remotely safe… and a lot of ‘flocking’ imagery in newspapers covering the return to pubs etc. All rather agricultural and dehumanising, and it got me wondering whether we might have been thinking about ‘herd immunity’ from the wrong perspective. Maybe it’s not about protecting the herd, but about using the herd to protect the sorry individual in charge.


Herd immunity 2.0

The plebs lap up my poppycock,

‘Yes it’s safe’, and so pubwards they flock

When the deaths spike, I’ll claim

It’s their fault, take no blame,

Ham it up and pretend it’s a shock.