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Salad ballad: on the resignation of this season’s PM

Well, the day could not go unmarked by a work of literary genius, now could it?


Hollow LOL[lo Rosso]

 So, Liz Truss, it is kale and farewell.

Lettuce note though, before this gem fell,

she sowed chaos; the pain

won’t wilt; we will romaine

tossed undressed in kosterity hell.



Image – well I mean it is quite out of date, from all those days ago at the start of her stint as PM … courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

(Do like the ‘Ring of Power’ necklace – waiting for the captioned versions of that: ‘One Ring to Rule Them All* *terms and conditions apply’ is my best effort – a bit weak, I know …]

A question of Truss

And, after the faffing and fuss,

the answer: it’s PM Liz Truss!

Tax cuts? [heart], workers? – lazy,

beyond that, somewhat hazy

on policy; woe betide us.


(No it’s not remotely legal history – but could not let this auspicious day pass without marking it with a work of poetic genius. Either that or I was bored on the train to London for a conference (which features some LH, so there you go – relevant!).



Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons