Adventures in internet searching & unworthy toilet humour ..

Awaiting the arrival of assessment scripts and the start of the markathon, I had a few minutes to spend on some petty treason cases this morning. Had an issue with a letter – was it an S or an M? Searched ‘Medieval M and S images’ and then ‘Medieval S and M images’. Now fully educated on Britain’s favourite purveyor of nice sandwiches and underwear, and also … whips. Lesson learned. Rather follows on from experience, earlier in the year, of searching for ‘naughty nun images’, to illustrate a post on medieval convent escapes. Who knew that nun-erotica was such a thing?

Then, deciding it was an S, looked up the gent in question in Calendar of Patent Rolls, and stumbled on this charming index entry (pictured). Made me snigger anyway. Must get out more.