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Snaps and snippets

There is no pretence at narrative here, just two interesting old books I was looking at today, when moving some things out of my office …

Thing number one: I had forgotten that I had a signed copy of one of Holdsworth’s works – but here are some pictures, for those interested in legal history celebs:

Thing number two: I am intrigued by the fact that my edition of Stephen’s Digest of the Laws of Evidence (3rd edn, 1877) has a single case report, Kemm v. Garbutt and others, pasted in the front by an enthusiastic owner (I assume it was not a random individual going around doing this to the books of others …). I have not yet tracked down what this case was, but it is a succession case which seems to be rather earlier than the date of the volume. Particularly charming/tantalising is the handwritten comment of the paster – ‘How well it answers’ …